Sunday, April 24, 2011

Vikexploratorium Science & Technology Show

Welcome to Vikexploratorium.

We started Vikexploratorium few years ago with my son Viken Jr., when he was 5 year old. He was fascinated by the fabulous Mythbusters Discovery Show, very eager if we could do similar experiments together at home.

Over the past years we developed several thousand experiments and demonstrations in science and technology that are highly educational hands-on fun and very entertaining.

All experiments are safe to conduct at home, with minimal supervision of an adult.

The main aim of our efforts is to convey that science is all around you.

You don't need to be at a special lab or University to have fun with science.

Most of our experiments are created out of trash, of things that you want to throw away, but because of their shape or material they become the victim of our "recycling" fun ideas.

So next time before you throw away a can of soda or bottle of coke, think twice if you could use them in a fun way teaching yourself something fun and then throw it away anyway or send it to recycling.

Viken Tavitian

Innovator & Inventor of Vikexploratorium

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